Vault upgrade questions

Hi been trying to find info but cannot find anything directly related to my questions.

If i have vault format 6 do i have to upgrade to 7 first or can i upgrade to vault format 8 directly.

From what i gather the 6 to 7 upgrade renames files and directories … if i do this on google drive file stream how much space do i need to have in my local cached directory for like a vault that is of 25TB size?

How long would the conversion actually take on such a large vault size? Files are in the thousands …

Also since, google limits file downloads does the renaming go into this limit and if so can you continue the migration if it fails through the upgrade process ?

Thanks. Hope this is not too much, but i do believe this are questions that could help a lot of other users as well.

You cannot skip the upgrade from 6 to 7.

This is very hard to predict. At the top of my head, these operations can happen:

  • Rename file
  • Create folder
  • Move file into a subfolder (which was newly created)
  • Read file (but only from the m directory, each file is just several bytes long)

In theory, only the last one should take some space in your local cached directory. So you can check how large your m directory is.

I honestly don’t know. 25 TB vault size could be a record.

I don’t know if renaming goes into this limit. I hope not, it wouldn’t make much sense from a technical point of view. But if a migration fails, you can resume it afterwards.

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