Vault showing as empty on one computer, but not another

my unlocked vault is showing up just fine on one computer but as empty on another (new) computer. (they are synched via dropbox).

Both are running 1.6.5 on Windows 10. The only thing I find that was different in the two software was under one (the one that’s working) virtual drive Volume Type is “Dokany” the other (that’s NOT working) that option isn’t available and only WebDav is an option. any ideas?

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I’m having the same issue. Vault shows up fine on one computer, the other unlocks but the vault is empty.

My computer that isn’t working is a Mac, it’s working on my Windows 10 pc. My vault is on an SMB share.


You have to install dokany by your self since version 1.6.
or if doubelst to you can also install WinSFP as virtual file system

Please check also this post:

If your vault is not showing files on machine a, but is showing files on machine b, it’s most likely that the encrypted vault files are not available to Cryptomator on machine a. Possible reasons: incomplete sync, right management (no read permission),
An other reason might be incompatible Cryptomator versions (eg vault is format 8, Cryptomator is version 1.5.x)

Hi Michael,

Is there a reason I need to install Dokany?

The files are completely synched - I’ve triple checked that dropbox is showing everything fully synched. The vault was updated when I installed the current Crytomator version. Both of the computers are using that version.

Can you say more about right management/read permissions? I’ve never had to do anything with that before in the years I’ve used Cryptomator but obviously want to find a solution here…

You don’t need to. It’s just an other file system that you can use instead of the outdated WebDAV (that has also limitations). Just to check if your problem is caused by the ritual file system. I personally preferred WinSFP instead of dokany or WebDAV.

Cryptomator need write read permission to read/write encrypted files. I have to admit that it’s unlikely that you changed by mistake the permission in your vault folder. But it’s not impossible and could be a reason. Just click right on your vault folder (with the Masterkey/vault files in it) and make sure that the permission for your windows user is correct.

And of course you can have a look in the log file and check if there are any suspicious messages when you open the vault and try to read content.

I installed Dokany on the new computer and that made it work!