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I did a quick search on ‘Custom path’ but didn’t see answer.

Creating new Vault Cryptomator let me choose where location of encrypted files will be -> and from there it will get synced to Cloud.
At this point Mount Point is automatically chosen - as virtual drive.

So once I unlock Vault - virtual drive pops up & I can copy all files I want to encrypt, into virtual drive mount point.

At this point I have 3 copies of files locally.
Original - - copy inside virtual drive Mount Point - - encrypted inside Vault.

Can I SAFELY change Mount Point to where my Files are stored originally?
Or make temporary copy of the folder [MyFiles]+[MyFilesCopy] - change custom path to [MyFiles] and if nothing happens then delete [MyFilesCopy]?

Hi and welcome.
There are some misunderstandings I want to clarify

No, you have 2 copies. the original, and the one in your vault. As you said, the “vault drive” is a virtual drive and is just the “entry” of your physical vault that is stored where you configured to save your vault during vault creation.(see the path that is shown direct under your vault name in the app)

No. Configuring a custom mount point just means, that you choose a folder to be your “vault entry” instead of a virtual drive. That’s why your custom mount point has to be an empty folder with no files or subfolders in it. The custom mount point is not the place where your (encrypted) vault files are actually stored on your HD.


Thanks you for taking time to answer.
Let me explain it, how I see what you explain me.

To populate virtual drive - I had to drag and drop [1000] files into it from the folder [MyFiles].
Does it mean that virtual drive only remembers access path to original files? But doesn’t know changes to files and can’t see new files?

Would that mean that I can use i.e. Syncthing to keep files updated [MyFiles] >>>> [Virtual Drive]?

The virtual drive is where you move/copy the files to you want to encrypt. They will be encrypted and stored in your vault. So the virtual drive is just like a door to your vault, but not the place where the files are actually stored (because that’s in your vault). But if you copy a file into your vault, well, then you create a copy which is independent from your original file.

Yes, if you want to backup a file into your vault and keep it updated towards changes of your original file, then you can do this with a sync app like syncthing

So that would mean any file moved into Virtual Drive is ‘temporary copy’, before becoming encrypted and removed, then only encrypted Vault version remians… resulting in that it is necessary to have more or less 2x the size of: to be encrypted [MyFIies]’*?

'* much less if files are small

No. If you move a file, it will be moved. Just like you move a file from one HD to an other. There is no copy created and therefore nothing to delete.

Yes, if you move a file to the vault, the version in the vault will be the only version that exists. Again, just the same way like you move a file from one HD to an other.

As you might have noticed I found a solution to my problem which will be syncing [MyFiles] with [Virtual Drive] for up to date versions etc.

Now I’m trying to understand how it happens.

  1. My first idea was that Cryptomator remembers location of [MyFiles] and encrypts them in background.
  2. Second was temporary file

Failing above, would that mean it encrypts in flight [in RAM?], but then I can’t see it happening as RAM usually will be smaller than amount of data copied across…

If the process is on different of level of IT knowledge, then I won’t be digging

PS Cobian Backup will be good with mirrors settings in my case

Ah, ok.
This might interest you:

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Thank you for your time king

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