Vault on Windows and Mac show different number of files

Good day everybody,

recently did setup CM on windows 10 machine (latest MS updates installed)

  • Apple iCloud for Windows
  • CM 1.5.14 (install) & update to latest 1.5.15

Mac OS X Big Sur 11.2.3

  • macFuse 4.1.0
  • CM 1.5.14 (install) & update to latest 1.5.15

Problem 1) after copying a picture archive to the vault on the Mac, Windows Explorer did not show the same number of files than already copied to the vault on the Mac :frowning: took quite some time until Windows did show files in explorer. even then the thumbnails of the pictures where mostly broken, i.e. only half of the picture shown in the thumbnail

managed to fix the thumbnail problem by deleting the thumbnail db in windows and have it recreated, not much of a confidence builder to go to such methods when using CM.

Problem 2).
Mac OS X shows
9.542.755.986 Byte (9,54 GB auf dem Volume) für 477 Objekte
Windows 10 shows
9.542.755.986 Byte in 476 files

would be great if anybody could shed some light on this odd behaviour

thanks in adv.