Vault on gvfs-mounted WebDAV cloud

Instead of mounting the WebDAV folder with the Cryptomator vault as an ordinary Linux file system, I have mounted it in user space with the command
gio mount davs://
When connecting to the existing vault in Cryptomator, Cryptomator shows the vault as
/run/user/1000/gvfs/, but clicking on the vault does nothing.
Could one imagine that Cryptomator uses dav instead of davs?
Btw: There is no logfile in ~/.Cryptomator, even if I choose Debug-mode and restart Cryptomator

Addition: Whe I mount regularly as a davfs2-filesystem, the vault shows the enter password dialogue, but the Cryptomator responds:
“Entsperren fehlgeschlagen. Siehe Log-Datei für Details”
(Unlocking failed. See logfile for details)
Unfortunately, there is no logfile - is it somewhere else than in ~/.Cryptomator?
I am using Linux Mint 19 beta (Tara) and the latest Cryptomator 64bit version for Linux (deb package). Formerly with Linux Mint 18.3 and the davfs2-mounted vault, everything worked fine (I do not remember which Cryptomator version, since I crashed my Linux). It also works fine in Android.

Addition2: This was due to mounting as root. You have to mount as user.

Cryptomator needs a locally accessible file system. It is not aware that you’re using WebDAV, i.e. it doesn’t know or care whether it is mounted via dav or davs.

I am not sure if it works 100% fine with vaults located on a GVFS WebDAV mount. Ironically the unlocked vault provided by Cryptomator itself uses the very same technology. :wink: This will change with the upcoming version 1.4.0, which adds FUSE. If you’re interested check out the beta. But the storage location of the vault will still need to be a locally accessible file system, so your problem will most likely not magically disappear.

There is a bug in the .deb installer, which is missing the log configuration. This can easily be fixed, see this answer: