Vault on gdrv mounted on Q:, can I share Q:\test using CIFS/samba? thx


what i tried with ctmt is cant.
(using dokany, win10 64b 22H2, ctmt 1.6.15)


i use competitor cxxcryptfs, this use dokany too.
it can.

May I ask is this due to ctmt itself?

because all my files are managed using UNC path,

indeep I want the file to be hosted as localhost:\test

so that the path don’t change for whatever PC i am using.

I hope ctmt can do that. possible?


ps: even the competitor can do it,
it seems these will mess up the date etc, so that when I backup using beyond compare 4,
the dates are different.
i guess may need to check the integrity of the metadata.

very sad to know NO replies on this.

  1. this is a SIMPLE thing, the developers should address this

  2. this simply demo cryptomator is ABANDONED by everyone , no one really use it.

the only reason I try ctmt when I got a stable solution from another FOSS competitor is that that competitor don’t support android, pathetic to FOSS user that FOSS almost never give you an useable solution, thus users usually turn to commercial ones.


I have been here since 2018 something,
if someone sit there and think FOSS will finally mature and give you an useable solution,
i wanna tell you there is such a chance, but the chance is really really low.
it can only be considered as a backup solution, unless the software is only for simple use.

ps there are exceptions like e.g. anki
or if the project is behind gold lords e.g. virtualbox

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