Vault not locking on exit

The vault is not being locked when I quit the Cryptomator application even though I have this set on. When I quit the application my decrypted folder is still visible in Finder. Also, if I close the Finder window then start the Cryptomator application again I can reveal the drive without reentering my password. I am running a MacBook 13" Air 2022 with macOS Ventura 13.4.1 (c). In the application I have ticked “Lock open vaults automatically when quitting application” and I have “Store passwords with…” unticked.

You don’t give enough details for me to say exactly what you are doing wrong, but this one line gives me a clue. You wrote “When I quit the application my decrypted folder is still visible in Finder.”

You are probably storing your files on your hard drive in the Cryptomator Vault folder by using finder.

That’s the wrong place.

There should be a file in that folder called “IMPORTANT.rtf” which reads
“This is your vault’s storage location.
• alter any files within this directory or
• paste any files for encryption into this directory.”

Lots of Cryptomator users make the same mistake of posting files to this folder “Cryptomator Vault” and then figure out that its the wrong place.

Open the Cryptomator App, unlock the vault, click “reveal drive”. Now you can see the correct place.