Vault isn´t opened first time

since update to version 1.5.11 cryptomator doesn´t mount the drive neither automatically nor manually. So in Cryptomator I see the decrypted and mounted drive but not in explorer. So you have to terninate Cryptomator and close the drive and start Cryptomator again, then everything works like usually.

Anybody an idea how to change this behaviour?

Btw: Windows 10 x64 Build 20H2 19042.782


I have the same problem. After booting my pc I unlock 4 vaults in the cloud. One by one after unlocking and reveal in cryptomator looks normal. But with the Explorer the unlocked vaults are not there. With cryptomator, btw 1.5.11, I locked and unlocked the vaults again and the vaults are just normal in the Explorer. So without quit and restart cryptomator and lock / unlock it looks good. At first I locked the vaults quit cryptomator and start it again unlock the vaults just normal working.
The pc is running
Windows 10 Home
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎07/‎06/‎2020
OS build 19042.789
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0


I just installed version 1.5.12 and now it looks good. Just unlocked the vaults and they appeared in Explorer as usual.

Thanks to all involved.

Hi, same problem here. Seems to work now with the update to 1.5.12

The response is a little bit late, but yes, we fixed this error with version 1.5.12, see

I just noticed that this was not mentioned in the release notes and fixed it.:man_facepalming: : Thanks for bringing it up again!

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