Vault is showing empty

So I have a vault, and can see the files in it, I can unlock it, but it shows empty.

This is on my laptop and google drive. So I downloaded the vault to my desktop, removed the vault from Cryptomator (1.12.3) and then added it back to cryptomator from the location I downloaded it to, but still the same issue.

I don’t understand why cryptomator can’t open this vault. It seems like I should be able to. If it needs a drive reset it seems it should ak me what I want to do?

I wanted to add, this is vary serious IMO. If my vault can this easily be made to show empty through some action I’m not sure what it would be, then this makes Cryptomator and essentially unreliable and unusable tool. I have the password, and the recovery key. The vault is showing on my GDrive structure. Yet logging on shows empty. I have no idea what caused this. It shows empty on my android, and my laptop also. So if this can happen this easily with no apparent way to solve it, to me this is a SERIOUS problem in Cryptomator!