Vault files dissapeared

I am using Cryptomator over Google drive.
I created a vault inside the Google Drive’s local syncable folder.

I have cut and pasted inside the vault (virtual drive) a… large amount of files.
To be more exact 1.5Gb of files. The encryption oppereation ended (eventually, 1.5Gb was a lot of files) and I locked the vault.

After that the Google drive folder synced, I logged off and all seemed ok.

Next morning I open the vault by normaly unlocking it and but on the mounted virtual drive I see no files. The vault’s folder (not the virtual drive, the actual folder) is still 1.5Gb, there are a lot of folders inside d and m folders but I can not see them inside the vault.

I have since restarted the pc, tried deleting the vault from the list of vaults and re-discovering it, deleted the program and reinstalled, all without any luck.

Any reason why this happenes? How do I restore the files inside the vault?

version 1.4.2
windows 10 home 64bit

And I can share the logs


With the current information, it’s really hard to say what the reason is but I’d like to rule out one reason from the beginning. Please try using Dokany instead of WebDAV. Follow the instructions from the website:

For the Dokany driver, the installer requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. Dokany is optional but recommended because it offers better integration into Windows than the alternative WebDAV.

After that, install Cryptomator again.

I did as instructed but still nothing.

Let me also share the pc data
Cryptomator version 1.4.2
Windows 10 home 64bit

Also, let me include the cryptomator logs up until I deleted and reinstalled cryptomator:


Your logs still just contain the WebDAV protocol log messages. Can you activate Dokany and the Debug Mode, then open the vault and try to browse through it and finally upload the most recent log file?

Sorry for the delay, was out of office for a week.
Like I had mentioned, those were the old logs. Here are the new ones.


It has been about 28 days since your last reply and to be fair, I need the files, are there any news?

Sorry, i saved this thread to answer later and it got kinda lost.

First of all, if you really need your files, we have a tool called Sanitizer, with wich you can decrypt all your files: Sanitizer: How to Use

Settling this, are you still using Cryptomator? The current version is 1.4.10 where we had a lot of changes under the surface and maybe just using this version your problem is fixed.

Regarding your log, don’t you see anything in your unlocked vault? Because in the log there is a .xls file, so at least this should be shown.