Vault empty in Linux and filled and accessible in WIndows

I am running cryptomator 1.5.13 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I can access my vault files in a windows 10 machine but I cannot access my files inside Ubuntu. I can successfully add the vault and unlock it using Ubuntu with the masterkey file. Then, it says I successfully unlock the vault with my password. However, it always shows up as an empty folder.

On the flip side, when I access the vault on a windows 10 machine with the same version. I can successfully open my vault and see and access all my files.

I added my google drive using the cloud accounts setup through Ubuntu. It has successfully mapped my drive and I can access my non-cryptomator folders. I tried both the webDav and nautilus (FUSE) mount setting in the Ubuntu app configuration. Neither work, both show an empty folder on my Linux machine.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hi eXe

Iv’e got exactly the same problem except for using Cryptomator version 1.6.1. Did you manage to find a solution?


This is not a solution to the Ubuntu problem as such but in case anyone is interested and hasn’t already done this themselves I have devised a crude work-around to access the contents of the encrypted folder on Google Drive via my Ubuntu PC. I now store the encrypted folder on my PC and copy it’s contents to Google Drive. If I access the encrypted folder in Windows 10 for example and change something I then have to remember when on my Linux machine to copy the folder back to my PC. It works for me as I don’t have many encrypted files so it’s quick.