Vault doesnt unlock/load after iPad OS update 16.6.1 (iPad Pro, 3rd gen)

there recently was a system update for my iPad (OS ver. 16.6.1).
Ever since then I can‘t access my vault through the data app. It just keeps „loading“ and spinning forever.

I don‘t have any issues opening my vaults on Android or PC.

I quick search didn‘t provide me any solution.
I saw that some had the same problem in the past but no solutions were presented.

Do I just need to wait for an update to the App?
Can I do anything else?

Thanks for the help!

I store my vault on my Google Drive.
i tried to create a new vault. It seems to be created correctly in the cloud but the app is stuck in the creation process („creating vault“ and spinning thing)

Wow I can‘t believe that I didnt try this first thing… Manually rebooting the iPad solves the problem…

I‘d like to leave the topic on here for other idiots like me.

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