Vault Backup and Vault Integrity of Encrypted Files Process

Hello folks!

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this forum as well as on other places online but I can’t seem to find a definite answer to what I need, so hopefully someone can enlighten me!


  • Mountain Duck with built-in Cryptomator being backed up to Google Drive.
  • Secondary Drive on my PC which stores an unencrypted copy, for backup.
  • Files are 1:1 synced.


  • How can I make sure about the integrity of the vault files? How could I test if, for example, a single photo or document is corrupted inside the vault?

In the scenario of my hard drive going bust, I would like to prevent getting the encrypted copy I have on Google Drive, unencrypt it, and find out that some files are corrupted.

How can I prevent this? I don’t mind doing a weekly/monthly task of verifying everything is in order.

Questions about Cryptomator:

  1. I’ve read in the forum that two identical places, with identical files, can generate different MD5 checksums of the encrypted vaults. How could I reliably check for integrity?

  2. If I unlock the vault, get all the files, and get an MD5, how could I be sure that in the process of closing the vault, the files won’t get corrupted? Which are the processes with a higher probability of corruption?

Many thanks!