Vault access on Windows without syncing cloud stored data?

I have now installed Cryptomator on different platforms and it looks quite good working. Android, MAC, W10, iOS still to follow. Had to wait for the Android app, but now I will surely place an appropriate donation.

However one question which I haven not yet found a solution for:

In the Android app (and surely also on iOS) there is the option to access a vault via a connection e.g. thru OneDrive. Means access only when the device is connected to the internet – and no need to sync or download the complete folder containing vault data and key.

Is there an option to access a vault also on a PC machine, Windows10 mainly? The standard tool does only accept paths to locally stored folders and keys – or do I oversee something.
It does also not accept a path within a LAN (e.g. \mydesktop\personal), neither with the network path nor when connected via drive letter under windows.

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Cryptomator for Windows is indeed different to Cryptomator for iOS/Android and it’s not possible to access remote content without having it accessible via Windows Explorer. But you can access a network location if you’ve mapped a network drive to a drive letter. I’m just not aware of a solution to do that with OneDrive.

Have a look at Cyberduck and Mountain Duck if you’d like to access your cloud files without syncing. They already have Cryptomator integrated.

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Hi Tobi,
thanks for the reply. The mapped network drive thing worked yesterday evening . seems that this was a temporary problem within my LAN, no ideas, did not change anything but worked then.

I use a Synology NAS plus the CloudSync function to backup the data in my local network; this NAS is mapped with a drive letter to the connected Windows machines. Thus I have the situation OneDrive with a drive letter :slight_smile:

And yes, I could (and can) access those data via Synology tools on my own NAS also, and also encrypted, but not that comfortable as is with Cryptomator - and not on all platforms. Not that fast of course also as on OneDrive, and thus I have two corresponding data sets, the Cryptomatored OneDrive as work storage and the NAS as backup. And of course regular re-backup on a bit-locked drive that gets connected to my LAN only for that purpose and that is locally stored away from the NAS.

There shall be a way of using OneDrive “on the cloud only”, means the tool does not sync all data to the local PC but only on demand when opening a folder or file. Did not really find it, just saw kind of information in a cT not long too ago… This will however not work with the encrypted vault files and folders, since you never know, which file or folder should be opened… Thus an app would surely be great that accesses to the OneDrive/Cryptomator vault the way the iOS/Android apps do.

Lost my old access (maseitz), sorry.
The situation or idea behind this was to get access to the vault eg from another PC, but without having to sync all the vaults steadily. This is what the smartphone apps manage, but it would be useful also on a “real” computer.

It is more or less not difficult also to map your (e.g.) OneDrive with WEBDAV (D.DOCS.LIVE.NET) to any other PC without having the OneDrive app installed. Once the machine gets shut down, the connection is cut and the Driveand the vaults are “away”. However you still need the Cryptomator app on that PC. And I would also be worried, if the vaults won´t be damaged and could be changed unvoluntarily or even destroyed by accessing them that way - not really stable always.

And another idea, even better perhaps: If there was kind of addon for Firefox or other “secure” internet browsers that allow to open a cryptomater vault via eg OneDrive directly in the browser. So you get on your OneDrive on the browser, navigate to the vault folder, the browser recognizes the vault structure and opens it whne the masterkey.cryptomator file is clicked plus password.

Sorry for reviving this… still believe this could be practical.

Here is the solution to that: How do I use Cryptomator without local sync?