V1.6.4: webdav: can't rename files // slowly -- no dokany mount anymore

Since 1.6.4 fresh install there is no mounting option for the drive “Dokany” anymore. Only webdav, see screenshot below.

(Screenshot removed - “new users can only add one media per post”) ← seems like you must believe me there is no dokany item in the dropdown menu anymore :wink:

If mounted with webdav the file access is extremely slowly and I can’t rename files. Error msg: the file can not be found.

Can you help me to use Cryptormator properly again? :slight_smile:


Dokany is a third party software. It is not installed automatically anymore since 1.6.
There is a notification at the end of the install process hinting you to dokany or WinFSP.
Its up to you which virtual file system you want to use.

So please check if dokany is installed on your system (I guess not), then choose if you want to use dokany, WinFSP (or even both) and install it. Then the according option is available in cryptomator.
(maybe Cryptomator restart is necessary)

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Thank you, Michael. I could have read it more carefully, then this topic may not be necessary. But as you know, during all the setups you usually click next faster than you can read :wink:

I will try both Dokany and WinFSP and will give a feedback here asap.

Is there any reason / do you have experiences why WebDAV is so slowly and I can’t rename files anymore? Someone has similar findings? Actually, I am not a “very” experiences user, so I just try the functions “out of the box” and look for alternatives if that is not working…

Both Dokany and WinFSP (FUSE?) are working fine after installing the individual package. No problem with renaming files and the speed is also much faster than WebDAV. I have the feeling, that WinFSP runs faster and smoother than WebDAV. For me that is the solution and I will mark it here accordingly.

Thanks for the fast help.

Maybe, if you like, can point out (or give me a link?) to understand the ad- and disadvantages for the individual file systems. Thanks.

Your welcome.
WebDAV is a standard Windows protocol for dealing with files over web (basically). Unfortunately its poorly maintained, and a litte bit less performant. It also has limitations when it comes to big files, and windows isn’t dealing with that since years now.
This is why 3rd Party virtual file systems are supported. Nevertheless WebDAV can be the choise for people who do not have big files and dont care about the littel performance gap (I was one o these people in my early cryptomator days :slight_smile: )
Meanwhile I switched from webDAV to dokany and (as soon as it was available) to WinFSP. Both dokany and WinFSP worked fine for me, but for testing reasons I actually stay with WinFSP and I am very happy with it since month now.

And yes: WinFSP is shown in Cryptomator as “FUSE”

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