Using with Dropbox


I have a question about the use of cryptomator with Dropbox. When I open a vault, if the vault is located in Dropbox does that mean that the file in Dropbox itself is no longer encrypted? In other words, if someone else had access during that time to my Dropbox account, would the file that they see be unencrypted?

What I had been Doing is exiting Dropbox, opening cryptomator vaults, working on the files on my computer without being connected online to Dropbox, then locking the vault, and then opening Dropbox again. That seems like a lot of trouble, and now that boxcryptor is gone, it would be nice to have those files open on my computer, as long as nobody else can access the files.

Thanks for your help,

No. The files are only decrypted local. They are never unencrypted in your Dropbox account. That would make the purpose of Cryptomator useless.


Thanks for your Reply.
That makes perfect sense.
When you’re dealing with online backup services, a person can get very nervous if you don’t know how things work.
Anyway, again, thank you very much for your help.
Take care and happy New Year.