Using Samsung Apps to share/send-to pictures to Cryptomator removes GPS data


When I use the Samsung Gallery App (or Samsung file manager “Eigene Dateien”) on my S10, select pictures and share/send-to:

  • Cryptomator (encrypted vault on OneDrive), the GPS data is removed
  • Boxcryptor, the GPS data stays in the picture
  • OneDrive directly, the GPS data stays in the picture

When I use another file manager like “MiXplorer” and share/send-to Cryptomator (encrypted vault on OneDrive), the GPS data stays in the picture

I know there are several switches around to keep or delete GPS data when sending.
I have tried them all :slight_smile:

But what could be the reason that sending to Boxcryptor keeps the GPS and sending to Cryptomator removes the GPS data?

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas.

Is there any chance for investigation of this issue by the Cryptomator Android App developers?

Especially because in Boxcryptor App it works as expected (as described in my initial post).

I don’t know. Very confusing situation:

I think boxcryptor has some unique ways of converting photos in a way that may affect the metadata. It is indirectly mentioned below:

Cryptomator has also been reported to remove meta data in some cases

From a logical perpsective unexpected removal of metadata seems like a worse outcome then failing to remove metadata. Because there are always other ways to remove the exif data (and you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing it when encrypted anyway). But you can’t recover exif / metadata once removed., so unexpected removal is an unrecoverable error.

With all that said, i don’t personally rely on the metadata of files saved in cryptomator so it doesn’t affect me one way or the other.