Using "Proton drive" on android

Currently the windows app is pretty flexible and can work with any cloud drive as long as it’s mouted. Is it somehow possible thought to use “Proton Drive” on the android app as well?

This would be a tough one because proton drive is end to end encrypted.

On other platforms like Windows. Linux, and Mac, as you know, it’s not an issue.

Currently, there are only so many remote cloud accounts available inside Cryptomator.

The only option I could think of, which was to utilize Rclone for Android as a way to open the Proton cloud account as it can on the 3 previously mentioned.
Unfortunately the developers who write the code for Windows Linux and Mac are not the same developers who write the code for Android, and at this current time there’s no support for Proton Drive in the rclone client for Android.

With proton drive you are paying a premium for cloud storage so that it can be encrypted on the proton client software all the way through to the proton cloud drive.

Cryptometer works with a handful of cloud providers in the Android software version and those cloud providers do not provide end to end encryption which is why cryptometer is needed.

My only thought and suggestion would be to switch away from proton drive to a less expensive unencrypted cloud provider that cryptometer does support on Android and do it that way.

When you store files on proton drive without cryptometer they’re supposedly already encrypted and protected from being viewed by anybody including the company so cryptomator in the proton drive world is kind of redundant and perhaps unnecessary.

Cryptometer becomes necessary when you’re operating with a cloud provider that has no encryption and looks at and scans everything that you put on the server.

Not the answer that you’re looking for only I think it’s the only one.

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The problem is that you can’t save a vault in other apps.

It’s the only feature request I have for andoid. It’s not really usable outside of the few fixed cloud storages in andoid.

Files in a vault are encrypted, and must first be decrypted by the software.

Then, you choose to “share” a file and you’ll have the opportunity to choose what app you want to share it with.

Here’s an example. Say I have a zip file in my vault. I first opened cryptometer and unlocked the vault and then select the file and choose the option to share it and you’ll be presented with the opportunity to send it to a zip file program so it will import that file and allow you to unzip it to a directory I just did it.

How to share a file (pic)

The other way is the problem. You can’t create a tresor in an not explicitly supported cloud storage provider. Let’s forget about webdav because it’s not a good solution.