Using KeePass key file (.key) within Cryptomator on Android Phone

I have tried looking for a solution to this problem but I could not find it. I have a KeePass database protected with a master password AND a key file (.key file). I have encrypted the key file with Cryptomator and uploaded it to Dropbox. I would like to access my database on my Android device using Keepass2Android but I cannot get it to point to the key file withing the Cryptomator vault. When I unlock the vault I have the option to share the key file but when I choose Keepass2Android it just opens that app and does nothing. So I wanted to know if this was a possibility.

Hey and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:!

The next big feature of the Android app will be accessing files of a Cryptomator vault inside other apps using a DocumentProvider. For example, a file explorer will be able to access the content of the vault in this way but we are just starting the evaluation, so it will take some time.


Thanks for the info. When you say some time, can we expect it by the end of the year (2020)?

Yes, very sad that Cryptomator cannot be used well with Keepass2Android. I would also like to have both the database and the key file in the safe and then access it via keepass2android.