Using it locally

I know that, this app is for cloud storage.
But cloud storage is nothing but a hard drive.
I can create my own cloud storage aka self hosting.
But it is basically encrypting the files and storing it on the storage.
1.So can i use it on my local storage to encrypt the files like photos, videos, docs(like in external ssd, which is not a self hosted cloud, i attach that ssd directly to my phone to use it as a backup) instead of using it in cloud??
2.If yes, can there be any problem like key file corruption or anything like that??
3. If “may be” then, if i back it up on another external ssd (secondary backup) with cryptomator then, can that backup also have the same “key file corruption” or something like that, at the same time(when the 1st one having the issue)??

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not directly. Cryptomator is used first and foremost for encryption. It’s encryption scheme is just optimized
for file synchronisation to be used with cloud storages and the mobile apps can connect directly to a cloud storage.

Regarding your questions:

  1. Yes. That is for the desktop app even the intended way.
  2. File corruption can always happen. To be prepared for that, you need a backup strategy/application. Cryptomator is for encryption, not backup purposes.
  3. If the source is corrupted, then yes. With the right backup strategy you can also protect yourself against this scenarios. (e.g., having an unencrypted backup at a safe location)
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Thankx for this confirmation.
I will keep an unencrypted backup somewhere safe.