Using Hazel doesn't work when using "Synch" or "Copy" to Cryptomator in OneDrive

Hazel is a fantastic program that used to work perfectly with Boxcryptor and OneDrive until the highly suspicious purchase by Dropbox. They kicked out all the Boxcryptor users with no continuity option. Who buys a company and kicks out all the customers? Someone does not like the secrecy…

Anyway, I switched to Cryptomator as my replacement for Boxcryptor. They are fairly similar in as much both encrypt files before uploading them to the cloud. In my case, the cloud is OneDrive.

I have always used Hazel to automate my file naming and storing in the relevant cloud folders. This involves using the commands “Synch” and “Move”. Now I have discovered that synch does not work with Cryptomator in OneDrive. The message in Hazel is “[Error] Could not sync file/folder” and “Sync returned error status: 23”. then it stops processing the rest of the rule.

I tried replacing the “Synch” command with “Copy” and Hazel does not give any error and reports that the file is copied to the relevant folder. But in fact it is not copied.

The “Move” command works very well, as before, but normally I want to use the “Synch” command before the “Move” command to store in more than one folder. The synch command stops the rest of the rule working so it never gets to the “Move” command. That’s very annoying.

I’ ve found a work-around which is to store the “Synch” folder locally, and then the “Move” command can move the document to Cryptomator in OneDrive.

However since this isn’t perfect, I am wondering if anyone knows of a better soltion, or can explain why “Synch” and “Copy” do not work in Hazel with Cryptomator/OneDrive.