Using Cryptomator without saving the files locally


how is it possible that I store the data online without having them on my laptop?
Why? Simply because I dont have enough space on my laptop.
I already tried to set up a safe while having OneDrive integrated in the Explorer. That worked, but uploading or is super super slow.


Hi Chris,

you can use Cyberduck for a direct access to a vault.


Cyberduck is paid and “free” version is severely crippled. I’d rather code my own solution for myself instead of that suggestion. (Not that I would not pay for quality solution, but for the current situation where I lack money and am bursting of programming skills and time for that)

Good side of Cyberduck and cryptomator is that not only they use a compatible API library for data integrity, but they know about each other and endorse usage in that scenario.

Either way, not for me.

Point: something free and fully functional (full automatic w/o nags)

Wait, what? Cyberduck is free. It’s fully functional and not crippled at all. Or are you actually referring to the donation prompt? :frowning: Or are you mixing it up with Mountain Duck? That’s actually an alternative solution to OP’s question.

Another solution: Depending on the cloud storage provider, you can mount the storage as a network share (e.g., via WebDAV) and use Cryptomator on that directly. Since the target location (the network share) is a remote location, it’s not taking up any storage space locally.

Hi @tobihagemann ,

I tried the WebDAV Solution without Mountain Duck with an OneDrive for Business (Office365) cloud storage. (don’t mess it up with “normal” OneDrive). As most of you probably know OneDrive for Business is based on SharePoint architecture.
Let me say it in a view words: I hate OneDrive-fB. If they would not provide 1TB for “free” for their O365 users, I never would choose this storage.

The connection is a hell. I spend hours to establish it, and at the end I saw no other option than use a PowerShell Script. Just connection a Network drive providing your login credentials? I was not able to realize it for hours and gave up.

After I managed to setup a complete automated backup process (running PowerShell Script to mount OneDrive-fB, auto unlock cryptomator vault, run backup) I notices, that the performance is so bad, its not usable.
I’m talking about 1 File Sync every 20-30 Seconds (Testfiles, not more than 1MB each, just compare operation, no upload).
My Backup has actually about 50k Files, so a backup sync process would run about 14 days (!).
I have no idea where the bottleneck is, but I guess its not cryptomator, as its encrypt/decrypt performance is really good.

This is just an experience report for other OneDirve-FB User.
Maybe the file-on-demand feature will solve this (unless cryptomator won’t have issues with that feature on roll-out :wink: )

Tobias, do you know if I can map Google Drive as a network drive? I have a 50GB vault in GD and although I can access it via Cyberduck, it is extremely slow. I have about 4-5 layers of folders and I cannot open the 4th or 5th layer at all. It makes it impossible to access my information. Therefore, I am trying to find a different way. I don’t want to download all 50GB onto my desktop using GD Sync Client. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.