Using Cryptomator with Cyberduck Empty Folders?


I am unsure as to whether this would come under a cryptomator or a cyderduck issue, but when I access my google drive vault via Cyberduck and unlock it, all of my folders come up as empty, with a size of 36 bytes. Any files that were not put in folders appear as they should, just anything that was inside folders does not appear to show.

The contents of the folders are still there, as I have accessed them successfully using the IOS app, but no matter what I try, I can’t seem to get access to them on Cyberduck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Please contact Cyberduck’s support and add a link for them to this topic. They know how to analyze Cyberduck issues best. If they need our assistance since Cryptomator’s encryption scheme is at play, we’re here to help.