Using Cryptomator on MAC and iPhone

I’m new here, just started using Cryptomator yesterday and have the following problems/questions:

I managed to create a vault in my iCloud, which I can see and open on both my MAC as well as my iPhone. But when opening the vault on my iPhone, I can not change the document (a Number document) that’s in the vault. I need to be able to update my documents from my iPhone when on the move. How do I do that?

When I first created a vault in the iCloud from my MAC, I put it in the wrong place (not in the cryptomator folder) for it to be seen by my iPhone. So I moved it there. When opening Cryptomator on my MAC the next time, it correctly told me the vault could not be found because maybe it was moved (which I did). But it didn’t give me an option to search for it or reconnect to it in the new place. I needed to remove the vault from Cryptomator and add a new (existing) one. Is that normal behaviour? Or did I miss something about moving vaults?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Erwin,

Cryptomator for iOS is unable to edit files by itself but it has import/export capabilities so that other apps that are specialized in handling their file type (e.g., Numbers for Numbers documents :wink:) can do the editing.

We have a feature request open to improve that but for now you have to import/export the files to/out of Cryptomator.

Yeah, that’s actually normal behavior. You’re right that it could be improved. :sweat_smile:


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Thanks a lot.
All I have to find out now is how to import an updated document into Cryptomator and replace the existing document. I managed the export, but didn’t get any further than that. :slight_smile:

So if you’ve finished editing the file in Numbers, tap “…” at the top right and then “Send a Copy”. From there on, it should be self-explanatory.

Pro tip: If you’re in the share dialog, use “Save to Cryptomator” at the bottom row (the row with the gray icons). The bottom row has all the so-called app extensions that are called from within the host app (in this case, Numbers app). Of course, you can also use “Copy to Cryptomator” from the top row but that opens up Cryptomator and would therefore leave Numbers.
In short: If you’d like to stay inside the Numbers app, use the app extension. :grin:

Nice, if only it would work…
When I copy to Cryptomator after changing, the app actually asks me if I want to replace the existing file, to which I say yes. When I then return to Cryptomator (where the old file is still open) and leave the file to re-open it, the changes are gone.
Am I correct, that I can only do this by the following steps:

1 - open the file in Cryptomator
2 - copy it to Numbers
3 - edit in Numbers
4 - from Numbers copy it to Cryptomator under a new name
5 - close the file in Numbers
6 - remove the file from Numbers (I don’t want a non-encrypted copy in the Numbers library)
7 -remove the old copy from the Cryptomator vault (don’t need that one anymore)

Is that it? Or did I do anything wrong?
If that’s it, then I sure hope you’ll have an update from Cryptomator soon.

Oh, you’re absolutely right. Replacing a file currently doesn’t work in iCloud Drive. I’ve created a bug report and we’ll fix it in an update.

Cryptomator might not be as easy to use as I hoped it would be, but I must sure compliment you on your support.

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