Using Cryptomator mobile with one pCloud account on 2 phones

Hello. I used to use Cryptomator a lot a few years back, and recently came back to using it again. I really like it!

What I am trying to do is to be able to have my wife and I access our encrypted files (encrypted with Cryptomator) hosted on pCloud using our phones. I have purchased a license key and downloaded the apk by adding it as a repository in F-Droid.

When I logged into my pCloud account on my phone (which has 2 factor authentication) everything went fine. When my wife logged into the same pCloud account on her phone, everything went fine. However, when I went to go back an unlock the vault on my phone I got an error that said authentication failed and was forced to log back into pCloud. After I logged back in, the same thing happened on my wife’s phone.

So I am trying to figure out why we keep getting logged out when the other logs in

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Thanks for the info! This is an upstream bug and looks like an regression because we had this already but was fixed by pCloud. I just reopened the bug report in our repository and the pCloud one. Hopefully it will get fixed soon again.

You can follow the progress in one of the issues:

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Very unfortunate that this is happening again. I hope we will get a proper answer this time…

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