Use with google drive

When I create a vault on google drive, it doesn’t seem to exist the next time I log in to google drive. The vault name is there but it says it can’t find it

What software are you using on Windows assuming you’re using Windows to Mount Your Google Drive and are you using a drive letter or folder?

I use Google’s desktop software for Google Drive with cryptomator.

I may work a little differently than you do because I don’t sync my Google Drive files down to my PC I have them in the cloud only and I created my vault on the server.

I can access my Vault from Windows, Linux, or Android.

Once every few days for as needed I backup my Google Drive to a local SSD.

I don’t synchronize my cloud files down to my PC in their entirety because I have too much storage on the server to be replicated down to my PC.

You can give that a try.