Upload to OneDrive stuck with status "Waiting"


I found this issue which describes exactly what I’m still experiencing:
Upload to OneDrive (for Business) stuck with status “waiting” · Issue #78 · cryptomator/ios · GitHub

I’m using iOS 15.1 and Cryptomator 2.2.3(917)

The original file name is NameValue.xlsx. I edited the file on my phone and forgot about it. This morning, when I opened the file on my Mac, I noticed the file doesn’t contain the changes I made yesterday. When I checked my phone, it shows status “Waiting”.

In my screenshot above, I renamed the original file to NameValue-New.xlsx from my computer. Eventually, the file with “Waiting” status disappears from my phone. However, if I rename the file back NameValue.xlsx from my computer, it re-appears again on my phone.

Assuming there is no way to force iOS to resume uploading, is there at least a way to permanently remove the local version on my phone, so that I can go back to using the original file name?


As workaround, you can unmount the vault from the app and add it again. All files then should look like the online versions and all local temporary versions are gone.

That worked. Thanks Michael.