Upload any file on iOS app never ends

Hello I am new here,

I am trying the app on iOS. Here is what happens when I try to upload a file :

I press the three dots, select a file then the icon appears saying “Uploading file” but it freezes like these and stay like this for ever. This happens always, in any case except for photos. To move on I have to force shut down the app, lauch again and then I find my uploaded file.

This is the most basic action I can do and it doesn’t work. I am affraid people will leave this application really quick if they are newcomers ? Can we/I do something for this ?

Thank you for your help :innocent:

Hi. Can you please specify your connection? Which cloud service? Or WebDAV?

Wifi and 4g+ are switched on in my home. The the vault is stored on Google Drive.

thank you for helping me

Mhm. I cannot reproduce that. Googledrive works just fine for me. Maybe someone else?

Sometimes I have the same issue, if I use the iOS share menu from an other app to save a file into Cryptomator. My vault is stored in OneDrive.

Written using a translator.
If the file name contains non-English characters, the upload does not seem to end.
In the screenshot above, non-English characters are mixed.
It’s a very old problem, but please solve it.

I’m using iCloud Drive and it happens every time I add files using the iOS share menu and all of the files are named in English without any special characters. I think the problem has existed for a year already. I needed to kill the app to see the file but it seems every upload was successful.


I’m a regular user on iOS and have used the share sheet, app, any media type, bulk upload of files, and just a single file this happens to me often. I have resorted to just saving everything on my phone and eventually using my mac to upload stuff there. All English characters i checked. On WiFi and LTE. I’ve been patient waiting for minutes and still nothing. These files are only under 10MB a lot of the time but not exclusively.