Upgrading vault led to renaming of all my directories

I use Cryptomator on top of Dropbox, with SmartSync enabled. I installed 1.5.4 on a computer that was using SmartSync, and I upgraded my vault. When opening the vault on another computer, I was prompted again to upgrade, which seemed weird, since I was assuming the data was synced. After upgrading, the vault opened successfully, but every folder has a (1) added to the end of its name and there are files with the old names of the folders.

So now, I’m trying to figure out how to undo all of this. It looks like it’s possible to recover the c and m folders through Dropbox’s web interface. Can I do this, reopen with 1.4.x, transfer all the files to a decrypted drive, and start with a fresh vault? Just trying to figure out how to get my data back in the right shape without messing things up even further.

It clearly wasn’t all synced. The masterkey.cryptomator file is a json-file that contains, among others, a vault version number. After finishing the migrator increases this version number. If your second PC wouldn’t ask for migration, unless said number was still the “old” version.

The m directory is no longer required in the new vault format. And the c directory is only a temporary directory for file system capability checks. The actual data (including all your directories) lies inside of d.

I.e. in order to restore a previous state, you’d need to also revert the d directory. If you want to go back to a date before the first migration (so that you can open the vault with 1.4.x), you’d need to restore backups from m/, d/ and masterkey.cryptomator.

On a different note: While it is intended to add (1) if a name is already taken, I am not sure why the “normal” name is now displayed as a file:

Would you mind sharing your migration log file? From Cryptomator’s gerneal settings tab you can open the log file directory. There should be a file called upgrade.log.

:warning: Before sharing it, you should know that this file contains the paths leading to your vault. Feel free to redact it.

Yep: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pn8tqlhpn4km06i/upgrade.log?dl=0

I just picked a random example from the log file: Cryptomator Vault\d\MF\EZ2KY7MIU4XB6HRVZ2RJUWQUQPMIEH\XU3YUCK-EXWPHPm_GV3wXpziSkuPcg==_1.c9r

Your second PC chose this name, because d\MF\EZ2KY7MIU4XB6HRVZ2RJUWQUQPMIEH\XU3YUCK-EXWPHPm_GV3wXpziSkuPcg== already existed.

Can you please check if the latter path contains a dir.c9r file? Otherwise it will get displayed as a broken file in your cleartext view.

If, in the meantime, sync has finished and all the dir files are now available, you should no longer see the original folder names being displayed as files.

OK. Right now, I’m rolling back my Dropbox history to hopefully restore my version 6 vault in a viable state, then I’m switching to fully local sync on both computers before upgrading the vault. Fortunately, there will be very little lost work post-upgrade.