Upgrading to Cyrptomator 2 - How to check if my free upgrade and my donation are ok?


today I have installed the new version 2 of Cryptomator and I was eligible for the free upgrade, anyway I wanted to support your work and I choosen the donation.
The payment on App store seems to be ok, but, unfortunately due a problem on the internet connection, Crytpomator reported an error, saying that now I have the free version.

How I can check if the upgrade is ok and my payment was recorded?


This website is actually quite useful: https://reportaproblem.apple.com/

It gives you an overview of your recent downloads/payments on the App Store. If you see two entries of Cryptomator 2 (one for the app download and one for the IAP), the payment should’ve been successful.

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I did not know this website, thank you very much!
Yes, there I can see two entries for Cryptomator 2: one free and the other with the donation.
Ok, so the upgrade was successful.

Thank you so much for your support and your great job!
Greetings from Italy.

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