Upgrade to 1.6.8 fails with .exe installer

I am having problems with the upgrade to 1.6.8, however, only if I use the .exe installer. If I use the .msi installer everything works fine.

I have been using the .msi installer for previous installations and installed the WinFsp package manually. Noticing that the .exe installer comes with the latest version of the WinFsp package, I decided to switch to the .exe installer, hoping not having to worry about the latest version of WinFsp in the furure.

The .exe installer however, still seems to stumble across a “Running instance of Cryptomator”.

Several tries to uninstall Cryptomator and WinFsp, rebooting after each action, did not solve the issue, neither did using ProcExplorer to spot the running instance.

A workaround (for me) is to keep using the .msi installer and manually install WinFsp. It would be nice however, if this somehow could be fixed.


Did you download the exe installer just now or quite early when we’ve first drafted the release? Because we re-released the exe installer at some point due to the error you’ve described. Very unfortunate that this has happened but it should be fixed by now.

I re-downloaded earlier today, but to be sure I’ll try it again.

For reference: Cryptomator-1.6.8-x64.exe installation error · Issue #2144 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub

The new download (with a different sha256) fixed the issue.

Strangely enough, it did not fix it during the first try, so I wanted to do it a second time in order to look at the running processes, but then it went through smoothly. End good, all good.


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