Upgrade existing Vault pswd problem

Hi everyone.
The problem.
I had an asus pc that crashed and I unmounted the hard drive on which I had the encrypted data (‘d’,‘m’, ’ masterkey.cryptomator’ and ‘recoverykey’) - I don’t remember which release of Cryptomator I was using) .
Bought the new pc and SATA adapter; I see the disk (asus) externally in which in a new folder called CRYPTOVPN I have inserted:‘d’,‘m’,‘masterkey.cryptomator’(recovery from asus disk) and, at this stage - when I tell it to open an existing Vault - Crypto asks me for the password (old asus pswrd) which I provide and is accepted it:
Now, Crypto 1.9.3 asks me for the upgrade Vault and ask me again a password for the CRYPTOVPN folder. While giving the correct pswd as before (the only password I used to open the old Vault) it does not accept it(why?).
So i can’t do the update. So I don’t know what to do with the old password, nor with the recoverykey that I couldn’t even use.
I am therefore in a serious impasse and I don’t even know \ to do with the asus recoveryKey.
If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be grateful.


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ADDENDUM my previous post:
In fact, admitting that I forgot my password, what I don’t understand is why - having the recoverykey - Cryptomator doesn’t expect to have the password change function before upgrading the Vault.

Hi. Please open your masterkey.cryptomator file with a text editor.
There a line with the value of “version” in it.
Please tell us the version number.

With the vault version number you can find out which App version fits this vault.

Then you can install the suitable old version, change the password with the recovery key and then migrate to the new version with your new password.

Thanks Mick for the reply. Here is the image Version 6?
I read version 6; It looks to me like it’s version 1.3.0. I’ll try to download it now and then I’ll let you know.

I downloaded Crypto 1.4.2 AppImage version from the official site and I tried to change the pswd - here image and image2 - which after the incorrect verification I thought showed me the ‘use the recoverykey’ sub-function but it doesn’t show me. I just don’t know what to do.
It all seems so strange to me.

The recovery key function was introduced with App version 1.5 (vault format 7)
If your vault is older than format 7, then I doubt you have a recovery for it.

Your version is several years old.
I don’t see a way to open a vault that old without the password.

Thanks Michael for your help. All right, I’ll search my (by now slimy) memory for this blessed password. Perhaps the mistake was - in addition to not relying on a pswd manager - also that of not updating the recovery key every time a new release of Cryptomator came out. Well let’s see what I can do.
Thanks again Mich.
hello sonia

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