Update vault-format?

Hello, hope this is not off-topic here.
I have just installed current version on Windows 10 for use with existing Dropbox-Vault.
The Windows app asks for conversion of the cault format.
Should I do it or will the vault be inaccessible for IOS / Android apps after that?
Also Do I need to choose WEBDAV-protocol in order to access Dropbox-vaults?
Thanks for help.

If you say “current version”, about which version of Cryptomator are we talking here?^^

If it is 1.5.x, then you can safely upgrade the vault version. Otherwise i advise against it, since 1.6.0 is still in the alpha phase and anything before 1.5.x is not current (-;

Depends on the platform: On the desktop, Cryptomator does not connect directly to your cloud provider, you need additional sync software. Afterwards, just select the vault in the synced directory on your filesystem.

On mobile platforms, there is an option to connect to dropbox directly.

worked perfectly well. thank you !

Again, thanks for very professional and helpfull feedback! Thank you!