Update of Cryptomator switched from F-Droid to Google Play variant

I think, cryptomator has an update issue: when you install cryptomator from F-Droid, it still updates from Play Store. So, you have the version including Google Play Services on your phone. Is this intended? I opted for the non-Google version and bought a license key for it. I do not want Google to know, when and how often I use the app.

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Thank you for reaching to us with your topic.

We decided to use the same package name and signing key for the Google Play, Cryptomator F-Droid repository and APK-Store variant among several other reasons because this allows users to switch between those distributions without setting app all configs again.

If you bought the app through Google Play, which is a requirement for getting updates through Google Play, and you also installed the app from the APK store, you will need to disable the ‘Auto Update’ feature for that app in Google Play.

If you really want to get out of such metrics, which I absolutely agree with and also do myself, it is usually not enough to use free apps, but depending on the manufacturer, it is unfortunately not possible at all without custom ROM. There are some interesting studies/papers/sites about this, e.g. https://www.scss.tcd.ie/Doug.Leith/Android_privacy_report.pdf

Personally, I really like what GrapheneOS is doing in this area.