Update Cryptomator from 1.6.4 to 1.6.5 - no the encrypted box is empy

Hey guys

Today I upgraded from 1.6.4 to 1.6.5 an I have two crypt folders:

-One in Dropbox Cloud
-One in Magenta Cloud (But at the moment no in sync because the Magenta app is broken)

When I open both boxes, the Dropbox is empty. Maybe it’s an Cloud bug - which I read a lot here.

What Can I do to fix that issue?

Btw. I had that issue on my Mac as well - but so I didn’t connect the drive there. It’s still in sync, but on the Mac I have the same issue.

I saw that I can connecto to the links to the files trough the container (like a folder on my desktop) and to files I had open in excel - but the folder is still empty. And I tried to put a file inside, locked and unlocked the container again - and the file is no visible. The folder is empty again.


Sorry, I can’t edit anmyore: I saw that the box is now located unter “Networkadresses” (like the other network shares) and not under the normal drives (locally attached into the computer).

And I’m still using the newest dokany (

Cryptomator does not support the most recent Dokany due to the major changes, see

To use Dokany, you need to install the most recent 1.x version or switch to WinFSP.

Thank your for you answer - what is better? To use Dokany or WinFSP?

Currently there is no answer to this question.

We suggest WinFSP, because there are some very promising experiments with it for a better integration. (Those are still experiments!) But it also has limitations: you cannot mount into a folder, only to a drive letter.

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Ok I tested it: I installed Cryptomator on a completely new machine with WinFSP and I copied the machine over the new machine.

But after I mounted the crypted box: The box is empty

And the same: If I copy a new file into it, I can see the file. If I press F5, the file is not visible anymore. I f I copy the file again into it, the systems ask for a replacement.

Ah I saw - If I change from Webdav to FUSE, I can the the files again.