Upcoming 1.7.0 version - Any breaking changes / vault upgrades etc?


I was reading the github notes about the upcoming 1.7.0 version but I am not a programmer and just wanted to ask if there are any sort of breaking changes when going from 1.6.16 to 1.7.0, like vault upgrades / migration, or anything that might be backward incompatible or will require special care, e.g. complete uninstalling of previous version instead of installing on top of the previous one etc

Thank you for the info!

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Nope, nothing like that. We made some major under-the-hood improvements regarding the virtual drive (“Mount API”) but the vault stays unchanged.


Will the changes on the mount api fix the WebDAV problem on Apple Silicon? Any time I use Cryptomator on my MacBook Air M1 the whole system freezes after I try to lock the vault or eject the image. This is really a very big problem!