Unstable Connection with pCloud iOS

Hi, a noob here with no IT experience. I bought the Cryptomator license for iOS and Android because I want to learn how securely put my data on the cloud using this app. So, I tested Cryptomator performance on each platform, and I noticed that synchronization between Cryptomator and pCloud on Android is more stable. In contrast, on iOS, I always face problems that I lose the connection through WebDav while uploading the files. Are some users here have the same experience, or is it just because of me, who doesn’t have any experience at all in IT or programming skills. Anyway, English is not my first language, pardon me if grammatically incorrect.

I must admit that I don’t have first-hand experience but I’ve already heard similar reports that pCloud’s WebDAV integration is slow and unstable. Unfortunately, I don’t have an immediate solution for you but a feature request is open here: https://github.com/cryptomator/cloud-access-swift/issues/3

The webdav interface of pcloud is not a public interface, its just there without documentation. If you want to speed this up I can recommend using rclone to create your own webdav interface. For example, this is the command I use:

rclone serve webdav --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max-size 5G --htpasswd ../htpasswd --addr :8010 pCloud:

Docu can be found here: rclone serve

I am also having trouble with WebDAV and pCloud.

I am unable to add it as a location, always get “Requested resource not found.”

I use WebDAV for pCloud with a few other applications, and the performance is a bit spotty but it typically works (just slowly).

Thanks for the reply. I hope developers will update the integration for the pCloud to work smoothly.

Thanks for this reference. As I don’t have any experience in programming, would the setup be challenging to obtain? Also, I might need to learn to understand to do so.