Unprivileged Windows account and NextCloud


I am looking for a way to encrypt data in my Nextcloud from a Windows computer where I have unprivileged access and no Nextcloud client installed.
I read the documents and posts in the forum of Cryptomator.

It seems like I would need to use the portable version of Cryptomator. However, I am not sure how to synchronize the data.
Does anyone know of a portable Windows software that allows you to synchronize data with the Nextcloud?

Thanks for your help



One can use the portable version of Cryptomator and upload the entire encrypted vault folder, aftee the vault is closed with the upload feature within the Nextcloud website. As far as i know there is no easy way to automate the syncronisation in this setup.

It will be a manual and tedious process, but it can work, bit i haven’t tested that.

On a different Pc or one of the cryptomator apps one can open the vault folder as an existing vault, please see the manual for the procedure.

I hope i could help you with that and good luck.

Thanks for the explanation. I tried it with the portable version. Decryption seems to work; however, I am unable to access the decrypted vault.

The only option is WebDAV and none of the options work. The option with HTTP Access allows me to enter the shown Link in a Web browser, however, there only a white page appears. I opened the raw webpage and it was empty. It seems like, there is no access to the internal web server of the app.

Your web browser would need to support the WebDAV protocol, but as far as i know, there is no such browser. On Windows, you can use the link to map a network drive:

Afterwards, you can access your vault from the Windows explorer.