Unlocked volumes NOT showing up in Windows Explorer

Hi, I’ve just rebuilt my desktop Windows machine and now have an odd behavior with CM volumes. I have assigned the drive letters and can open them via the “Reveal Drive” button inside of CM. I can read and write files to my unlocked volumes.

But they do not show up in Windows 10 Explorer “This PC” or in the Quick Access bar.

I wonder what I am doing wrong? They were showing up before my rebuild, maybe I need to change some options somewhere? I feel like the answer is staring me in the face, but I just can’t figure this out.

Any suggestions?

Hi. Which volume type are you using? Does a change fix it?

I’m embarrassed to admit, I don’t know what type of volume they are or how to change the type.

(my ignorance is vast)

Do you mean WebDAV File-System vs dokany filesystem? If so, I don’t know which I have, but I just used the default installation. I’d be happy to try one or the other. But haven’t found how in the documentation yet.

Yes, this is what I mean.
You should WinFSP give a try. I am using it quite a while and happy with it.
Here’s how to do it.

(It’s the same for dokany. Just install it and change the settings as described in the linked post)

Thank you so much! I appreciate the help.