Unlock+ Exit+Uninstall

cryptomator Chinese-windows need:
1.on-screen keyboard when unlock
2.Program Exit and Uninstall Passwords

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Windows offers an on-screen keyboard already (-;

I assume, the tray Icon is activated in your Cryptomator settings:

If this options is ticked, Cryptomator puts a tray icon in the info area. If you close all app windows, Cryptomator is still running in the background via the tray icon. You can quit Cryptomator by right clicking the tray icon and select “quit”. Note, that you cannot access your vaults, if Cryptomator is not running.

Dear brothers, where are you in the world

  1. I hope to unlock the password by clicking on your program
  2. Password control is also required for exiting and uninstalling programs