Unable to unlock Vault on iOS

Hello there,
I just migrated to a new iPhone. Now for some reason I am not able to unlock my Vault on iOS.
I was using FaceID before, but even with it turned off I always get the following Error Message, after trying to unlock:

Der Vorgang konnte nicht
abgeschlossen werden.
Fehler 0.)

The Vault is on iCloud, and I can still unlock it on the Mac.


I can see that the error message could be better but it looks like that Cryptomator somehow is unable to access the folder in iCloud Drive anymore. I believe the only solution is to remove the vault in the main app and then re-add it again (it’s basically like “relinking” the vault in the app, it’s not deleting any data or anything like that). Does that work?

Hi Tobi,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Yep that actually solved my problem.
Thanks a lot!