Unable to see iOS-created vault from Windows 10 using iCloud Drive


I’m trying to use CM with iCloud Drive via Windows 10 and the iOS apps. In order to make sure that I can see the iOS vault on Windows, I made sure to create a vault through the iOS app onto iCloud Drive.

However, when I go to iCloud drive on Windows 10, there is no vault to be found. I tested the iCloud drive connection between both devices by editing a random document on my iOS device, and that edit showed up almost instantly on my Windows machine - so I know iCloud Drive is syncing properly - I just cannot seem to find locate the vault on Windows that I had created on my iOS device.


edit: Perhaps worth noting that when I go into the Files app on iOS, I can see the vault I made inside the “Cryptomator” folder. Again, this same folder/vault does not show up on Windows.

Do you see the cryptomator vault in the webinterface of your iCloud account? If not, then the synchronization from your phone to iCloud already failed.

I do not.

I logged into iCloud from a browser, and also from the app for my Windows PC, but do not see the Cyrptomator vault anywhere on them.

However, when I create a new folder in the Files app on my iPhone, it shows up in iCloud Drive on those other formats I mentioned above. So I know other items are syncing, but the Cryptomator folder that is created in Files doesn’t sync up; it is only visible on my phone.

Didn’t think that this is still an issue. See: https://cryptomator.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/16000022465


Something interesting: the Cryptomator folder that is created via the iOS app doesn’t have a readme in it like I think it’s supposed to. I’ve tried deleting and creating it a few times, but no readme is generated inside the folder.

Sorry for the double-post.

Update: It finally appeared after I messed around with restarting and/or re-installing Files, iCloud ,CM, etc. I also went into the CM folder from the Files app and long-pressed to create a new sub-folder. Once that sub-folder synced up the whole CM folder appeared on my Windows iCloud app.

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