Unable to save / write changes

Cryptomator version : 1.6.9
Volume type : FUSE
OS : Linux Mint

I succeed in opening documents after unlocking the vault, but it is impossible to save the document after modification.

In the log file, there is the following message:
ERROR o.c.frontend.fuse.ReadOnlyAdapter - release /Path/file.ods failed.
(with /Path/file.ods the path to the file)

The vault files are located on an NTFS drive in a folder synced with Nextcloud Desktop.
In the /etc/fstab file, the NTFS disk is mounted with ntfs-3g option.

This is probably a rights or permissions issue. When cryptomator is launched in a terminal with sudo cryptomator, there is no problem to save the file after modification.

Any idea how to solve this problem please?

I solved the problem by changing the NTFS disk mount settings in the /etc/fstab file.

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I have the same problem on MacOS Ventura 13.2, MacBook PRO M1.

Any idea how to solve this on MacOS?