Unable to open folder / unencrypt files after updating to V. 1.5.8


I’ve been using Cryptomator for over a year and a half, and today, when I wanted to unencrypt one of the folders I got encrypted, a window popped up saying there was an update. I updated, of course, SILLY me! :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:t4:

Now I can not open the folder and see the original content… I removed the app and downloaded the old version but still, I can not unencrypt the folder because it says “This vault has been created with a newer version”.

I found this topic about a similar problem, but I don’t understand how to solve the problem. Corrupt / Unable to open folders
Lucky that before deleting the app, I made a copy of the log files…


Can you guys guide step by spet how to fix my problem, please?