Unable to open download some files (filename too long most likely)

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I can list the files, but copying or opening yields an error that it cannot read the files. It gets worse when I use Webdav instead of Dokany. Then they just become invisible. How can I get to these files to rename them or copy them?

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Is your vault located on a network drive that is mounted in Windows?

Hi overheadhunter. On a OneDrive, so no I presume. However, I did find a good work around here

More precisely under this section: Enable Long Paths in Windows 10, Version 1607, and Later

However, it would be nice to ‘fix’ this another way for emergencies on systems where I do not have admin rights to alter the registry. But I have not gotten around to poke around but since the virus put us on lock down a lot of time just freed up:-)