Unable to mount volume to custom path (C:\Users\Me\Documents)

I wish to use the default Documents folder in Windows as my mount point, and I’m pretty sure I have done this in the past but now I can’t get it to work. I get an error “the custom mount point … Documents … is not an empty folder”. I’ve checked for hidden files and there are none. The folder says it is empty in Explorer.

There’s no applications accessing the folder apart from Explorer itself, according to Powertoys.

It will mount from a sub folder within Documents but that’s untidy and not what I want.

Any ideas? Thanks

Is your documents folder a real folder on your PC or is it perhaps your OneDrive folder for documents? Perhaps the software doesn’t like being pointed at the Cloud Drive because in Windows documents is not really a file folder on your PC by default if you’re using a computer with OneDrive.

Thanks for your reply.

As per the heading of my post, the documents folder I am referring to is a real folder at C:\Users\Me\Documents.

It is the default documents folder that every windows computer has.

It is not the OneDrive documents folder.

(Until now I wasn’t corrected so I guess my doubts are still justified)

Yes, exactly where I am at and the reason for my original question.

And as I wrote in my linked post, I doubt that this is possible because I doubt that this folder is not used by the OS at any time and thus blocked as mount point.

How come you are not using the standard protocol of
Winfsp? Or webdav.

The protocol you are using is not supported anymore.

I am not using Dokany. The post I linked is a little bit older. And I do not use custom mount points. I just wanted to point to the linked post. That’s all.

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In that case I don’t have an answer sorry.