Unable to launch videos on Mac

I have .mov and .mp4 files from my iPhone that play fine on my iPhone but when opening these files on my mac it says “document could not be opened - The file isn’t compatible with QuickTime Player”. Says this even when i try to open the videos with VLC player. theses are not bulk video but just 1 or 2. Some work some don’t. I have also tried moving the files locally before playing them and still the same issue. A work around I found…

  1. attempt to open the video (getting the not compatible message)
  2. locking the vault
  3. unlock the vault
  4. immediately go back to that file and do the quick view with the space bar.
    This will play that video in quickview and that video only none of the other another ones effected. You would have to do that with each video you want to play. And even after this quicktime will open with the first frame of the video but not play at all just freeze and quit. no errors just wont play.

Oddly enough airdropping the video directly out of the Cryptomator app on iPhone onto my mac allows the video to work fine on my mac. But uploading that airdropped video using the Cryptomator app on mac will cause the same issue with the no compatible message. But playing that newly uploaded video on my iPhone still plays it fine. I don’t have these issues with other files. Just the video files and some video do work. These video are not long either just 30 second clips.

Does anyone have any answers?