Unable to download c9r file from Cryptomator vault on iCloud?

Essentially I have a Macbook, on which I’ve installed Cryptomator, and moved some large documents into the vault. The vault itself is within a folder which is auto-synced onto iCloud

I then use a separate Windows laptop, on which Cryptomator is also installed. The idea being to download the vault from iCloud from web browser, then use Cryptomator to open the vault there.

However even though iCloud shows that the vault has finished syncing on the Macbook, I am unable to download it off iCloud on my Windows laptop. The download off cloud icon button is greyed out.

On individually clicking through all the files in that folder, I notice that I am able to download everything else like the masterkey file, etc. Just not the .c9r files

Any ideas what the issue is? Thank you