Unable to delete vault

I have a redundant Vault that I just can’t seem to delete using OSX Finder or a whole host of terminal commands. I also can no longer open the vault in Cryptomator, and suspect that it is now totally corrupted.
I don’t need any of the file contents as the Vault was previously duplicated elsewhere and is working fine, so I just want to be rid of this old vault.
I’d be grateful to receive on advice how to progress.

many thanks

OSX Catalina 10.15.7
Cryptomator 1.6.1

Do you try to delete the vault itself or its content?

A vault is just a directory with some configuration files and your encrypted data, so using the Finder should be the appropiate choice to delete it.

Thanks @infeo for your response. I’ve deleting the vault directory and miscellaneous sub-directories, without any success. It may be an OSX problem, but whatever it is I can’t seem to delete the vault or sub-directories. In addition to Finder I have also tried in Terminal (as self & root / sudo) with miscellaneous rm & rmdir commands; but don’t appear to get anywhere.