Unable to delete folder


I’ve created a vault on my Win 10 64 bits with Cryptomator 1.5.17 (Dokany and I’m now unable to delete a folder inside. The vault is on the cloud (on Pcloud).

There’s a bunch of small files with long names in it, and at first, I was unable to open the folder. After changing the timeout, I can now open it, but when I try to delete the folder, Windows tries to find files inside for hours, then fail to delete them.

I’m able to delete them one at a time, but It takes about 7 minutes for a single 14ko file (theres about 32k files in it), so there might be a problem there… Is there any way to force or fasten deletion?

Thanks for reading.

Problem solved.

I managed to erase it all by creating an empty folder with the same name on my local drive, and by mirroring it on the aforementioned folder.

I used Freefilesync (the donation edition) with the “permanent delete” deletion method.
I tried some days ago with SyncbackFree and it didnt worked.